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 * RageIRCd: an advanced Internet Relay Chat daemon (ircd).
 * (C) 2000-2005 the RageIRCd Development Team, all rights reserved.
 * This software is free, licensed under the General Public License.
 * Please refer to doc/LICENSE and doc/README for further details.
 * $Id: conf2.h,v 2005/02/11 21:53:49 amcwilliam Exp $

#ifndef __conf2_include__
#define __conf2_include__ 

#include "setup.h"
#include "dlink.h"
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>

struct dns_query;
struct Client;
struct listener;


typedef struct _configfile ConfigFile;
typedef struct _configentry ConfigEntry;
typedef struct _configunknown ConfigUnknown;
typedef struct _configdirective ConfigDirective;
typedef struct _configblock ConfigBlock;
typedef struct _configoption ConfigOption;
typedef struct _configauth ConfigAuth;
typedef struct _configfrom ConfigFrom;
typedef struct _configitem ConfigItem;

typedef struct _configitem_servinfo ConfigItem_servinfo;
typedef struct _configitem_admin ConfigItem_admin;
typedef struct _configitem_class ConfigItem_class;
typedef struct _configitem_allow ConfigItem_allow;
typedef struct _configitem_oper ConfigItem_oper;
typedef struct _configitem_link ConfigItem_link;
typedef struct _configitem_listen ConfigItem_listen;
typedef struct _configitem_include ConfigItem_include;

typedef struct _configitem_network ConfigItem_network;
typedef struct _configitem_masking ConfigItem_masking;
typedef struct _configitem_flood ConfigItem_flood;
typedef struct _configitem_general ConfigItem_general;

struct _configfile {
      ConfigFile *next;
      char *filename;
      ConfigEntry *entries;

struct _configentry {
      ConfigEntry *entries, *next, *prev;
      ConfigFile *file;
      int varlinenum, sectlinenum;
      char *varname;
      char *vardata;

struct _configunknown {
      ConfigEntry *entry;
      void *item;
      short type;

struct _configdirective {
      char *directive;
      void *(*parse_func)(ConfigEntry *);
      int (*test_func)(ConfigFile *, void *);
      void (*free_func)(void *);

struct _configblock {
      ConfigFile *file;
      ConfigDirective *dir;
      void *item;

struct _configoption {
      char *token;
      unsigned int flag;

struct _configauth {
      char *string;
      short type;
      char *(*func)(char *, char *, short);

struct _configfrom {
      char *hosts[MAXCONFHOSTS + 1];
      int host_count;

struct _configitem {
      unsigned temp : 1;
      unsigned perm : 1;
      int refcount; /* How many times this item is referenced */

struct _configitem_servinfo {
      char *name;
      char *desc;
      char *ssl_certificate;
      char *ssl_private_key;
      char *default_bind_ip;
      unsigned int identity;
      char *kline_address;
      int max_clients;
      unsigned int logs;
      unsigned hub : 1;

struct _configitem_admin {
      char *name;
      char *desc;
      char *email;

struct _configitem_class {
      ConfigItem item;
      char *name;
      time_t ping_time;
      int max_clients;
      long sendq_length;
      int clients;

struct _configitem_allow {
      ConfigItem item;
      char *hostname;
      char *ipaddr;
      int port;
      int max_per_ip;
      ConfigItem_class *class;
      ConfigAuth *auth;
      char *redir_serv;
      int redir_port;
      char *spoof_mask;
      unsigned int flags;

struct _configitem_oper {
      ConfigItem item;
      char *name;
      ConfigAuth *auth;
      ConfigFrom from;
      ConfigItem_class *class;
      char *join_on_oper;
      unsigned int flags;

struct _configitem_link {
      ConfigItem item;
      char *servername;
      char *host;
      char *bind_ip;
      ConfigAuth *auth;
      int port;
      ConfigItem_class *class;
      unsigned int flags;
      int servers;
      struct in_addr ip;
      time_t next_connect;
      struct dns_query *dns_query;

struct _configitem_listen {
      ConfigItem item;
      char *ipaddr;
      int port;
      unsigned int flags;
      struct listener *l;

struct _configitem_include {
      char *filename;
      unsigned loaded : 1;

struct _configitem_network {
      char *name;
      char *name_005;
      char *kline_address;
      char *services_server;
      char *stats_server;
      int max_link_depth;

struct _configitem_masking {
      char *netadmin_mask;
      char *admin_mask;
      char *oper_mask;
      char *user_mask_prefix;
      long mask_key1;
      long mask_key2;
      long mask_key3;

struct _configitem_flood {
      time_t knock_delay;
      time_t accept_notice_time;
      time_t antispam_quit_msg_time;
      unsigned anti_nick_flood : 1;
      unsigned anti_away_flood : 1;
      time_t pace_wait_simple;
      time_t pace_wait_intense;
      time_t min_connect_time;
      int max_connect_count;
      unsigned throttle_rejected_clients : 1;
      int user_recvq_limit;
      time_t min_join_part_time;
      int max_join_part_count;
      time_t spambot_squelch_time;
      unsigned increase_oper_recvq : 1;

struct _configitem_general {
      int max_chans_per_user;
      time_t connauth_timeout;
      time_t statsfile_save_freq;
      unsigned int modes_on_connect;
      char *join_on_connect;
      int compression_level;
      time_t auto_connect_freq;
      time_t ts_delta_warn;
      time_t ts_delta_max;
      int max_accept;
      int max_dccallow;
      int max_bans;
      time_t default_kline_time;
      int max_watch;
      int max_kills;
      int max_targets;
      int max_who_replies;

      unsigned short_motd : 1;
      unsigned hide_super_servers : 1;
      unsigned check_identd : 1;
      unsigned show_headers : 1;
      unsigned failed_oper_notice : 1;
      unsigned enable_knock : 1;
      unsigned custom_quit_msgs : 1;
      unsigned show_invisible_lusers : 1;
      unsigned flatten_links : 1;
      unsigned enable_map : 1;
      unsigned spy_notices : 1;
      unsigned resolve_hostnames : 1;
      unsigned custom_channels : 1;
      unsigned show_cliconn_quit_msgs : 1;
      unsigned no_oper_accept : 1;
      unsigned enable_netadmins : 1;
      unsigned restrict_chan_override : 1;
      unsigned allow_fake_channels : 1;
      unsigned ignore_remote_motd : 1;
      unsigned ignore_remote_rules : 1;
      unsigned ignore_remote_stats : 1;
      unsigned no_mixed_versions : 1;

enum {

enum {
      CONF_FALLBACK = -2,
      CONF_FAILURE = -1,

#define LOG_DEFAULT                 0x0001
#define LOG_ERROR             0x0002
#define LOG_KILL              0x0004
#define LOG_CLIENT                  0x0008
#define LOG_SERVER                  0x0010
#define LOG_OPER              0x0020
#define LOG_DEBUG             0x0040
#define LOG_OVERRIDE                0x0080

#define ALLOW_HOSTNAME_AT           0x0001
#define ALLOW_IPADDR_AT             0x0002
#define ALLOW_KLINEEXEMPT           0x0004
#define ALLOW_NOTILDE               0x0008
#define ALLOW_NEEDIDENTD            0x0010
#define ALLOW_THROTTLEEXEMPT        0x0020

#define LINK_AUTOCONNECT            0x0001
#define LINK_COMPRESS               0x0002
#define LINK_SECURE                 0x0004

#define LISTEN_BOUND                0x0001
#define LISTEN_CLIENTONLY           0x0002
#define LISTEN_SERVERONLY           0x0004
#define LISTEN_SECURE               0x0008

extern dlink_list conf_file_list;
extern dlink_list conf_block_list;
extern dlink_list conf_unknown_list;

extern ConfigItem_network NetworkConfig, tmpNetworkConfig;
extern ConfigItem_masking MaskingConfig, tmpMaskingConfig;
extern ConfigItem_flood FloodConfig, tmpFloodConfig;
extern ConfigItem_general GeneralConfig, tmpGeneralConfig;

extern ConfigItem_servinfo *ServerInfo;
extern ConfigItem_admin *AdminInfo;
extern ConfigItem_class *DefaultClass;

extern dlink_list conf_class_list;
extern dlink_list conf_allow_list;
extern dlink_list conf_oper_list;
extern dlink_list conf_super_list;
extern dlink_list conf_link_list;
extern dlink_list conf_listen_list;
extern dlink_list conf_include_list;
extern dlink_list conf_modulefile_list;
extern dlink_list conf_modulepath_list;

extern ConfigDirective conf_directives[];
extern ConfigOption servinfo_logs[];
extern ConfigOption oper_can_perform[];
extern ConfigOption oper_can_see[];

extern void *parse_servinfo(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_admin(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_class(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_allow(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_oper(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_super(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_link(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_listen(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_restrict(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_kill(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_include(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_modules(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_network(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_masking(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_flood(ConfigEntry *);
extern void *parse_general(ConfigEntry *);

extern int test_servinfo(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_class(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_allow(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_oper(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_link(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_network(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_masking(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_flood(ConfigFile *, void *);
extern int test_general(ConfigFile *, void *);

extern void free_servinfo(void *);
extern void free_class(void *);
extern void free_allow(void *);
extern void free_oper(void *);
extern void free_link(void *);
extern void free_network(void *);
extern void free_masking(void *);
extern void free_flood(void *);
extern void free_general(void *);

extern ConfigItem_class *find_class(char *);
extern ConfigItem_oper *find_oper(char *);
extern char *find_super(char *);
extern ConfigItem_link *find_link(char *, char *);
extern ConfigItem_listen *find_listen(char *, int);

extern void report(short, char *, ...);
extern void init_conf();
extern void conf_rehash();
extern int conf_check_from(ConfigFrom *, char *);

extern int attach_allow(struct Client *, ConfigItem_allow *);
extern void detach_allow(struct Client *);
extern void attach_class(struct Client *);
extern void detach_class(struct Client *);
extern void attach_oper(struct Client *, ConfigItem_oper *);
extern void detach_oper(struct Client *);
extern void attach_link(struct Client *, ConfigItem_link *);
extern void detach_link(struct Client *);
extern void attach_listen(struct listener *, ConfigItem_listen *);
extern void detach_listen(struct listener *);
extern void detach_confs(struct Client *);

enum {
      AUTH_RIPEMD_160 = 0,
      AUTH_MD5_56 = 0,

ConfigAuth *parse_auth(ConfigEntry *, char *);
void destroy_auth(ConfigAuth *);
int check_auth(ConfigAuth *, char *);
void make_auth_passwd(struct Client *, char *, char *);

#define cDupString(xx, yy)    if ((xx) != NULL) MyFree((xx)); DupString((xx), (yy))
#define cMyFree(xx)           if ((xx) != NULL) MyFree((xx)); (xx) = NULL

#define EACH_ENTRY(xx, yy)    (xx) = (yy)->entries; (xx) != NULL; (xx) = (xx)->next

/* Check we have a block name, or return NULL */
#define BLOCK_NAME(xx, yy, zz)      if (BadPtr((xx)->vardata)) { report(0, "%s:%d: %s: missing %s", \
                              (xx)->file->filename, (xx)->varlinenum, (yy), (zz)); \
                        return NULL; }

/* Check block has entries, or return NULL */
#define BLOCK_ENTRIES(xx, yy) if ((xx)->entries == NULL) { report(0, "%s:%d: %s: empty block", \
                              (xx)->file->filename, (xx)->varlinenum, (yy)); \
                        return NULL; }

/* Check section has entries, or continue */
#define SECTION(xx, yy)       if ((xx)->entries == NULL) { report(0, "%s:%d: %s: empty section", \
                              (xx)->file->filename, (xx)->varlinenum, (yy)); \
                        continue; }

/* Check variable, or continue */
#define VARIABLE(xx, yy)      if (BadPtr((xx)->varname)) { report(0, "%s:%d: %s: missing variable name", \
                              (xx)->file->filename, (xx)->varlinenum, (yy)); \
                        continue; }

/* Check parameter, or continue */
#define PARAMETER(xx, yy)     if (BadPtr((xx)->vardata)) { report(0, "%s:%d: %s: missing variable parameter", \
                              (xx)->file->filename, (xx)->varlinenum, (yy)); \
                        continue; }

#define UNKNOWN_VAR(xx, yy)   report(0, "%s:%d: %s: unknown variable %s", (xx)->file->filename, \
                              (xx)->varlinenum, (yy), (xx)->varname)

#define UNKNOWN_VARNA(xx)     report(0, "%s:%d: unknown variable %s", (xx)->file->filename, \
                              (xx)->varlinenum, (xx)->varname)

#endif /* __conf2_include__ */

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